Saturday, 31 March 2012


Due to a number of requests I have decided to EXTEND the deadline. Therefore the NEW DEADLINE is 21st April 2012. Thanks for the submissions already received and keep them coming. So there is still time to send something in and remember it doesn't have to be an essay it can also be short and sweet.
call for submissions:

A New zine exploring our queer journeys and misadventures into the world of Awkwardness.The Misadventures of Awkward Queers is a quest to document our relationship to Awkwardness while navigating the queer spectrum.
I'm endlessly reminded when I enter queer 'zones' how very easy it is for once simple social interactions to become incredibly difficult and complicated.
Awkwardness has become simultaneously non-threatening and amusing. Its becoming extremely fascinating how we are managing to master our misadventures and embracing Awkwardness. Share your Misadventures....

We want your Awkward stories, adventures, misadventures, anecdotes or advice. The moments you wished you'd forgotten, those that make you laugh hysterically, the sad ones, the raunchy ones, the would have and could have beens. Come and embrace your awkwardness and share share share...
We welcome many mediums of expression , including but not limited to collage, poetry, silkscreens, photos, prose and illustration

The Misadventures of Awkward Queers will not be sold for profit but to cover the cost of printing and it will also be available for trading. All contributers will get copies of the zine and be accredited in the zine. Contributors should submit work with the name they would like to appear in the zine (which can also be a pseudonym) as well as city/country and an email address they would like to appear in the zine (if they would like to be contacted) as well as other zine titles they have contributed to. (if applicable)
The plan is to make a full colour zine in A5 (half size) format.
Texts should be no more than 4 pages and artwork should also be suitable for black and white printing.

New Deadline : 21st April 2012

please email to awkwardqueers [at]

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